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Diana Radovan

-Hybrid Nature Writing Beyond Borders-

Hello and welcome. You've reached that hybrid in-between place you've been longing for. Hybridity is, for me — as I believe is the case for many of us who hold multiplicities in our bodies — that magic in-between space where my voice can naturally come alive. My hybrid kaleidoscopic memoir Our Voices is now available as paperback and ebook. It is a multigenerational story; a blend of poetry, imagery, creative non-fiction, fairytales, old Romanian myths and spells, as well as a social and political manifest.


I believe that nature, mindfulness, and creative expression can nourish and heal us. My writing is deeply anchored in the rhythms and restorative cycles of nature. At this point in my writing journey, my inspiration comes from the nature in Upper Bavaria, Germany, a region I now call my home, from myths about the Tree of Life, the offerings of our Mother Earth, the night sky and its constellations, water in all of its shapes rivers, lakes, waterfalls, snow, rain, the water inside my body (our bodies are 70% water, like our earth)  solstice fires, myths from cultures around the world, and the buried stories of my ancestors. Releasing the heaviness of untold stories that get stuck in our bodies, from our own lives and from the lives of the generations before us, can transform us and unlock our true potential. Nature-anchored storytelling has the power to elevate our inner narrative.

My mission is simple: let’s create, together, a new kind of written language  — through challenging the common traditional boundaries of genre, geographic or social borders, and publishing expectations — one that feels organic and better fits the needs of writers everywhere. Let’s make our unique voices heard, by writing beyond borders. Nature doesn't care where we're from. And perhaps with time, this nature-inspired hybrid in-between inner world of mine will become your home too, or inspire you to go out, searching for your own. Let's bring our raw, untamed voices to life, one word and one season at a time!

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Diana Radovan

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