In April 2022, Our Voices was:

-Book of the Month at
Lost Weekend Munich (where you can also buy paperback copies) 

-Memoir & Autobiography Spotlight on NetGalley

-Part of the Matador Spring 2022 Highlights Magazine, including an author interview about my writing process for this book

-lansată oficial la Timișoara, într-un spațiu public, dar totodată intim; prezintă fotografa și scriitoarea Claudia Tănăsescu


Through personal storytelling, including a child perspective, terse poetry, myths, fairy-tales, imagery, social and political criticism, as well as some utopias/manifestos, Our Voices is an overcoming of the persistent horrors of communism and immigration; a book about living in the in-betweens and dreaming ourselves into more than mere survival; an invitation to its readers to bring out their own buried “shameful” family stories, to let them breathe and find resonance in the bigger world.

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Where Can I Buy Our Voices?

  • All major Amazon websites – paperback and ebook

  • If you’re in the UK: publisher’s website

  • In most EU countries and in Australia: through local retailers

    • if you’re in Munich: Lost Weekend (18 Euros)

    • if you’re in other cities in Germany: from me (21 Euro by Paypal; including shipping and billing fee)

    • dacă sunteți în România, puteți comanda cartea:


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